new areas to research, Inc. invites collegiate scholars to conduct scientific research under 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsorship.


Individual Capabilities, Inc. provides opportunities to develop individual and group initiative and responsibility, self-reliance, courage, personal fitness, discipline and other desirable qualities of character.

Every Child

is born an artist, Inc. provides access to a variety of visual arts experiences in the State of California. Volunteer artists are encouraged to collect and process paper, aluminum, glass, and other sustainable materials that can be recycled, and reused, in an art exhibit display during the holiday season.


U05 - Research Institutes & Public Policy Analysis

U20 - General Science


B90 - Educational Services

W70 - Leadership Developments

B80 - Student Services


T50 - Philanthropy, Charity & Voluntarism Promotion

T12 - Fund Raising & Fund Distribution

Welcome to, Inc

Mission Statement:

Shift your perspective to see infinite possibilities., Inc., a 501(c)(3) scientific research organization, focused on A) conducts global applied research to solve of recognized needs for the benefit of society B) provides the “pre-seed” capital fund for “high-tech” and “new-economy” startups by creating more “professional specialty occupations” for social welfare perspective C) offers supervised mentoring programs to improve individual’s capabilities and knowledge D) promote the practice of charitable giving and voluntarism through a variety of strategies.



New Method Reveals 3D DNA Structure

The scientist who developed a new method of illuminating 3D genomic structures, called ...

NBC Bay Area Thanks Viewers for Participating in 'Feed the Need'...

Our NBC Bay Area and Telemundo 48 anchors and reporters, along with dozens of volunteers...

US Academic-Science Mentoring Falls Short of Best Practices...

The report calls on institutions to both reward effective mentorship and ...

Our Activities

Pros and Cons of Fiscal Sponsorship (Educational), Inc. is offering legal and tax-exempt status to groups—typically projects—engaged in activities related to the sponsoring,Inc's mission. Project leaders must receive management & technical assistance to understand how to comply with any and all applicable laws.

Time: 63 days left

Volunteer Be AR & VR App Developers (Scientific)

The AR/VR studio is a focus on the exploration of cutting-edge immersive technologies — physically and imaginatively. We encourage software engineers and visual designer can really work together. People who wants to learn about AR/VR field are welcome to join too.

Time: 95 days left

Be Entrepreneur and Built AI Startups (Educational), Inc, trains people in the specific skills they will need to obtain be entrepreneur and built AI startups in a particular industry or which provide work experience for youth or others who have no employment history. Helps people prepare for, find, secure and retain suitable employment.

Time: 347 days left

A Real-Time Accident Response System (Scientific), Inc. is encouraging volunteers to join different hackthons or competitions in order to develop meanful apps to built the better community together. One project we are working on is “Lifecam”, in saving people’s lives and making accident detection much more efficient.

Time: 55 days left

Involved to Venture Capitals (Educational)

Size Inc. trains individuals raise and distribute funds for multiple venture caplital. Learned societies, professional councils, and other organizations that bring together individuals or organizations with a common professional or vocational interest within the fund raising & fund distribution.

Time: 21 days left

Create A Nonprofit / Better Community (Educational), Inc. provides access to consultation, training, and other forms of management assistance services to nonprofit groups. Focus broadly on strengthening, unifying and building the economic, cultural, educational and social services of an urban community or neighborhood.

Time: 343 days left

"Yes. You are right. we do so much, but we can do so much more!"

- Angelica S. Lin / Founder & CEO of, Inc